Onsite Corporate WellnessIs your company in need of Onsite Corporate Wellness? Our doctors at Traverse Health have over a decade of experience providing corporate wellness. This includes services for companies from Silicon Valley to Silicon Slopes. Our staff has worked with some of the largest corporations as well as local companies to provide wellness events, lunch and learns, ergonomic evaluations and advice, as well as health benefits fairs.

We provide evaluations to reduce problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome, text neck, back and neck pain. We can provide chiropractic adjustments for your company. Our services can help reduce onsite injuries and help employees with injury prevention with our workplace wellness solutions.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to wellness in the workplace and we can help simplify. If you are working indoors at a computer or desk, is your furniture really right for your body and spinal alignment? Buying new furniture is not necessarily the answer—other, smaller adaptations may be possible.

Do you travel frequently? Do you work outdoors? There are many solutions that are available to help keep you more comfortable and energetic on the job.

If you have any questions about onsite corporate wellness or improving the quality of your workspace or if you would like to schedule an appointment contact us today at (801) 980-0002.